Our Core Comeback Story

"Sometimes, all it takes to foster change is a single moment."

For WWE star Jay Reso (Christian Cage), that moment was putting his kids to sleep one day

Earlier that same day, he noticed that he was winded going up a flight of stairs. When Jay looked at his girls as he was putting them to sleep, he decided it was up to him to make
sure that he was healthy and able enough to watch his girls grow up and be a significant part of their lives.

When he mentioned this to fellow WWE star and long-time friend Adam Copeland (Edge), Adam knew how he felt and suggested he try planking.

Planking. It seemed too simple to be true. But Jay gave it a try.

Soon, Jay’s 30-second plank turned into 60 seconds. Then 60 seconds turned into two minutes. Those two minutes? A core comeback story.

By perfecting his plank, Jay felt himself growing stronger and fitter. He no longer dreaded the flight of stairs that had him winded. In fact, he and Adam – both in their late
forties – have returned to the wrestling ring to win championships, perform in front of millions, and work the physically demanding career they love.

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