Plank exercise benefits are underrated.

 Perhaps it is because we live in a non-stop world, or maybe because we have been conditioned to think of cardio as the purest form of exercise. Either way, all professional athletes work core training exercises into their routine, because the core is the foundation of a healthy body.

Why Should I Include A Plank Exercise Routine Into My Day?

3 minutes per day.

That is all it takes to access the benefits of plank fitness. As well as providing a total-body strength training routine, planking provides the following benefits:

Mood Improvement

Exercise routines improve mood in general. As well as the typical benefits of cardio, planking can improve concentration and focus.

Metabolism Boost

Planking is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it burn more calories than typical core workouts, but it provides a metabolism boost that allows the body to continue burning calories throughout the day.

Multiple Muscle Workout

Planking engages multiple core muscles at once, saving time with the same results.


As we age, our muscles can weaken. Weak muscles are a leading cause of injury in the elderly. Planking increases overall strength and flexibility.


Planks are easily modifiable based on skill levels, making them the perfect workout for beginners.

Why Choose PurePlank Over Traditional Planking Exercises?

Planking is a great exercise, and finding the key to breaking through the repetition of planking every day is important. The Pure Plank core training tool offers support, accountability, and ways to make every plank day a new experience